Posted: Sep 05 2013
by: Paola Mezquita Nikolov

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Paola Mezquita Gallery Show


As a designer, there’s nothing more fulfilling or exciting than having the pieces you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into on display for the world to see. For Paola Mezquita, high-end fashion designer and lover of all things unique, having her very own gallery show was a huge accomplishment. Entitled FORM, her gallery show was held in Brooklyn, New York at the ever-popular Yashar Gallery. Everyone from friends and family to painters and designers were in attendance to not only help support Paola on her quest to becoming the best designer she can be, but to also learn more about her intricate pieces and how they were born. 

At the gallery show, Paola demonstrated the whole design process to the public, from start to finish, from idea to conception. Along with this, attendees got to talk to the fashion mogul and learn more about her as a designer, her inspiration, and her pieces. Upon entering the gallery show, users were greeted by an elegantly decorated room. A high-ceiling blooming chandelier was placed at the center of the room while the garments were on display on mannequins all around the room. Headpieces were also placed on top of the mannequins’ heads to further emphasize their uniqueness and high-end quality. The lighting highlighted the intricate detailing of each piece while the light music amped up the room and gave it a special feel. 

10 garments were displayed, with pieces ranging from military-style coat dresses to runway-ready coats that featured lace, wool, and everything in between. Whether you’re a lover of all things feminine or you like to rock an edgier style every now and then, this collection has something for everyone. 

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