About Us

The Brand 

Launched in an effort to offer fashion lovers high-quality pieces that make them feel model-worthy, the Paola Mezquita line consists of one-of-a-kind coats and dresses fit for any occasion. Each piece is a form of art, molded and draped first by muslin to ensure the perfect fit and flow. Whether you’re a businesswoman who aims to look chic and put together for work or play, or you’re a bold fashionista who loves to experiment with unique pieces, this line has something for everyone.

The line was founded in 2012 by Paola Mezquita, a fashion designer who has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. After graduating as a fashion designer in 2003 in Mexico, Paola participated in two fashion shows where she designed bridal and special occasion dresses as well as jackets and vests for men, women, and children. She soon after moved to the country’s fashion capital, New York City, where she continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

With the motivation to create pieces that makes women feel special the moment they slip into it, Paola set out to create her own demi couture line of show-stopping dresses and ultra-chic coats. The inspiration for her line grew out of a desire to showcase her talents and passion for fashion to the world. Aware that designing and creating a fashion line requires paying great attention to detail, Paola makes every effort to perfect each piece of clothing, from its buttons to its pockets and everything in between. 

Each piece has the ability to make the wearer feel like they’re right about to step onto the runway. Evoking the true essence of haute couture, the Paola Mezquita line was made to be enjoyed by everyone who appreciates unique designs and high fashion: men, women, and children alike.